Varni warrior
Gender: Male
Family: Ostan (identical twin brother)
Varr (half-brother)
Varr's mother (mother)
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Appearances: 3 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Joey Ansah

Argat (Joey Ansah) is the identical twin brother of Ostan and the half-brother of Varr.


Varr meets Argat again when he travels to Varni with Beowulf in order to enlist Rate's help against a Wulfing/Bregan invasion of Herot. As Rate's champion, Argat fights Varr in a battle to the death when he invokes his right as a Varni. Argat is ultimately killed by Varr who breaks his neck. When Varr subsequently gives his request for Rate to simply read Rheda's message, Rate laments that he should have said so, pointing out that he would still have his champion if he did. (Episode 11)


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