Barghest (Episode 6)
Gender: ?
Species: Barghest
Status: Deceased
Appearances: 2 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: N/A (depicted via CGI)
"What's a barghest doing here?"
"It's not a barghest. It's a Wulfing dog.
―Brinni and Beowulf[src]

This Barghest was used as an attack dog by the Wulfing Raiders led by Jogan, (Episode 6) who had it set loose on Herot where it attacked several smelters. It was pursued by the Huskarl Brinni, who was disarmed of his sword by the Wulfing dog in a brief struggle. With Brinni at its mercy, the Barghest prepared to pounce on the Huskarl but was knocked aside just in time by the arrival of Beowulf on horseback, who immediately disembarked and slew the dog with his sword. However, the Barghest ultimately served its purpose as the Wulfing Raiders used the distraction to sneak past Herot's defenses and raid the Golden Hall. (Episode 7)


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