Wulfing Raider
Gender: Male
Family: Einar (father)
Greyblade (grandfather)
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Appearances: 1 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: ?
"No-one likes a show-off."
Beowulf after killing Beltane.[src]

Beltane was a Wulfing Raider, regarded by Warfather Skellan to be one of the best of his warriors.


"Beltane! First of my warriors! Son of the fearsome Einar! Grandson of the great hero Greyblade! Beltane has already cut down more than forty, forty of your Shieldlanders, - killing beasts with his bare hands! And single-handedly raising..."
Skellan presenting Beltane.[src]

Beltane was among the 200 Wulfing warriors, led by Skellan, that were sent by the fleet which sailed to Bregan in order to join with their forces as a result of a deal that Thane Abrecan made with Skellan to invade Herot together. (Episode 10) After the Wulfing/Bregan army finally broke through the Huskarla blockade at the Draca Bridge, (Episode 11) they proceeded to Herot, whose Huskarla army led by Beowulf and Slean, with Breca and Brinni at their side, stood at the main gate. Addressing Herot from a distance, Skellan presented Beltane as the first of his warriors, intending to showcase to the defenders of Herot some of those who would be ending their lives and taking their women as they waited for the rest of his forces to arrive. Presenting Beltane, Skellan boasted that he was the son of the fearsome Einar as well as the grandson of the great hero Greyblade, that he had already cut down more than 40 of their fellow Shieldlanders, killed beasts with his bare hands, "and single-handedly [raised]..." only to interrupted as Beltane, in the middle of his war cry, was promptly impaled through the chest by a spear which had been hurled at him by Beowulf. (Episode 12)


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