Beowulf's son
Gender: Male
Family: Beowulf (father)
Beowulf's wife (mother)
Beowulf's father (grandfather)
Species: Human
Status: Deceased?
Appearances: 0 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: N/A
"I had a wife. A son. Some slaves escaped from a neighbouring village close to where we lived. They needed men to hunt them down so I joined them. But a few got away from us. Circled back. All that was left was ashes."

Following his banishment from Herot, Beowulf eventually made a family, having a wife who bore him a son. One day, some Warig slaves escaped from a neighbouring village close to where they lived, Beowulf having joined the effort to hunt them down as they were in need of men. However, a few slaves got away from the party and circled back. Beowulf recounted that by the time he returned home "all that was left was ashes", presuming his family to be dead. (Episode 9)


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