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Rheda (Joanne Whalley) returns to Herot alone, with news of familial betrayal and that the fearsome Wulfing army are coming for them all. Now desperate, she sends word, calling for the help of the other tribes in the Alliance.

But Beowulf (Kieran Bew), who knows the Varni, now foes of Herot, are the mightiest of warriors, appeals to Rheda to put aside her pride and seek their help despite having unfairly banished them.

Reluctantly, Rheda agrees and knowing the difficulty that Beowulf (Kieran Bew) and Varr (Edward Hogg) will face in their attempt to convince the Varni, she gives Varr a secret message with a last resort offering to Rate in the hope it will be enough to bring him back into the fold.

Elsewhere, Slean (Ed Speleers) rides out into danger to set right past wrongs, but whilst he puts his life at risk, is it too little too late?







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