Gender: Male
Family: Unnamed wife
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Appearances: 1 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Roger Watkins
"You know, Gerd, the more I know you, the more I understand why your wife beats you with that copper pot."

Gerd (Roger Watkins) is a citizen of Herot.


Gerd is seen imprisoned in the Reeve's hut when Breca arrives, having returned from Bregan. Gerd answers Breca that the Reeve, Beowulf, is out and that he was supposed to let him out that morning, noting that he "might not be pleased to see [Breca]." Acknowledging that, having left Beowulf on bad terms, that he may want to kill him, Breca explains to Gerd that he took the risk because he learnt in Bregan that the Thane Abrecan plans to overthrow Rheda as Jarl of the Shieldlands, and that he will now have to tell her himself since Beowulf isn't here. Hearing this, Gerd sarcastically wishes Breca good luck on telling Rheda that her little brother has betrayed her, leading Breca to voice his observation that the more he knows Gerd the more he understands why his wife beats him with her copper pot. (Episode 9)


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