Gender: Male
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Appearances: 1 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Graham Hornsby
"Hallam. It's Hallam, isn't it? I remember you from my days in Bregan. You were a fisherman, I recall."

Hallam (Graham Hornsby) is a Bregan warrior who initially served his Thane, Abrecan.


Rheda, Thane of Herot and Jarl of the Shieldlands, remembered Hallam from her days in Bregan, recalling that he was a fisherman.

Hallam was part of the Bregan force led by Abrecan which invaded Herot alongside Warfather Skellan's Wulfing Raiders. Serving as an archer, Hallam stood by with his bow and arrow as his fellow Bregan warriors proceeded to break down the gates of Herot's Golden Hall with a battering ram until Rheda stepped out to resolve the conflict herself. Hallam was addressed by Rheda, who rhetorically asked him what brought him and his friends to call on their Jarl, if it was her brother Abrecan telling them that she was too weak to face their enemies. Rheda presented herself standing before him as a contradiction of Abrecan's assertion. Branding Abrecan as the enemy, Rheda asked Hallam where he stood, with a traitor, or with his true ruler. Hallam took aim at Rheda, with Abrecan telling her that he was their true ruler before ordering to Hallam. However, Hallam hesitated and, after Abrecan repeated his order while raising his voice, turned and shot him in his side instead, yielding to Rheda. Hallam would subsequently be followed by the rest of his fellow Bregan warriors, who refused Abrecan's order to kill his sister, who proceeded to slay him herself. (Episode 12)


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