"You know when you're drunk and the ground moves... what if you're not drunk?"
Breca senses a coming sand wrym.[src]

Sand wyrms are large worm-like creatues.


These unusual creatures are large obligate carnivores that live under the mud and sand flats on the east shores of the Shieldlands. About a meter wide and several long they are a danger to animals even as big as humans and Warig, although there has been no recorded case of them attacking Trolls. They spend most of their time just beneat the surface of the sand waiting to pick up the vibrations of prey moving above ground. Usually, they ambush predators but when needed, they can pursue prey with remarkable speed through the sand. The amount of food they get depends on the area they patrol, therefore they are fiercely territorial, which leads to frequent intra-species confrontations that can last hours, although are rarely fatal. [1]



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