The Alliance is the union that binds the human tribes of the Shieldlands together. The Alliance is led by the Jarl elected to be chief amongst the Thanes of the Shieldlands.

  • Herot is currently ruled by Thane Rheda, who is also the Jarl of the Shieldlands following her husband, Hrothgar.
  • Bregan was ruled by Thane Abrecan, brother of Rheda who died by her hand after his attempt to usurp her as Jarl.
  • The Banning are forest people ruled by Thane Lagrathorn.
  • The Varni are the warrior tribe ruled by Thane Rate. They were temporarily banished from the Alliance by Rheda when they were framed as traitors by Slean to defend Abrecan. They rejoined the Alliance when Rheda made a deal to marry Rate and rule over the Shieldlands with him as joint Jarls in order to gain his support in fighting off the Bregan/Wulfing invasion of Herot.
  • The Wisdeth are a farming community who were ruled by the late Thane Scorann.
  • The Mere are ruled by Thane Gorrik.