Unidentified Warig prisoner (Episode 5)
Gender: Male
Species: Warig
Status: Deceased
Appearances: 1 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: ?
"Seems they have Warig problems of their own."

This unidentified Warig was captured by the Mere living in the Island of Dunes who interrogated him for information. It was through this captive that the Mere Thane Gorrik learned of the Mudborn prophet known as Red Tongue. As he would recount to Beowulf, this prophet was stirring the Warig up, telling them that the time had come to wash the Shieldlands clean with red blood, while moving through the Edgelands, also noting that Red Tongue himself was said to drink human blood as per his name. This news made Gorrik realise the war was coming as sure as the tide and that the days of peace were over.

After giving this information, the Warig was subsequently executed and his body was hung up above the dunes towards their settlement, which was seen by Beowulf, Breca, Elvina, and Vishka as they were led to Gorrik. After learning that they had lost the promised dowry to a sand wyrm, an enraged Gorrik barked that he would have the visitors from Herot strung up with the Warig. (Episode 5)


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