Unidentified dead Warig priest
Gender: Male
Species: Warig
Status: Deceased
Appearances: 1 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: ?

This unidentified Warig priest had passed away and was laid to rest on a Warig burial ground which was set alight by Beowulf, robbing the ground of all meaning as a holy place. (Episode 4) This act earned him the name of the Defiler by the Warig, who would later capture him and bring him to the giant ruins where he was confronted by the mudborn prophet, the skinshifter named Razzak who told him that he would be killed for his sacrilege. Beowulf was then brought to the Warig leader, Kragen, who intended to have the Defiler burned alive just as he burned his dead priest, only for Beowulf's attempted execution to be stopped by Elvina when she revealed herself to be a skinshifter. (Episode 9)


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