Gender: Female
Family: Unnamed father
Lila (mother)
Breca (stepfather)
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Appearances: 12 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Ellora Torchia
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Vishka (Ellora Torchia) works as a blacksmith in Herot with her widowed mother Lila, her father having died six years ago.


Vishka - Smith (Ellora Torchia)

Lila's daughter. Sassy and opinionated, Vishka is Herot's most skilled blacksmith - but she would much rather wield a sword than forge one. Drawn to rebellion, and constantly seeking adventure, she causes her mother no end of worry and, without a father, her mother carries the weight of her concerns alone. [1]


She is first seen watching Beowulf along with everyone else as he returns to Herot with Breca. She soon after meets Breca when he pays her to fix his blade. She later attends the feast that night in Hrothgar's honour, where she impresses Brinni with her marksmanship. On the following morning, she is offended to find that Breca has wedded and bedded her mother, striking him. She inadvertently alerts Breca that Beowulf is about to be executed when she tells him that if she had her way he'd be killed alongside him. (Episode 1)

Vishka joins Gil and Slean's detachment of a dozen Huskarla at the Draca Bridge alongside Brinni to hold off the at least 200-strong Wulfing/Bregan invasion force in order to buy the time needed for forces from Banning to make it to Herot. Ultimately, Vishka and Brinni are ordered by Gil to take Slean, who he had knocked out, back to Herot, preserving their young lives as well as that of Herot's future Thane before Gil and the rest of his men give their own against the invaders' push on the bridge. (Episode 11)