Wulfing Raiders

The Wulfing Raiders are a collection of nomadic warriors who prove to be a dangerous threat to peace in the Shieldlands. They are known to employ the Mudborn Barghests as attack dogs.


The Wulfing Raiders make their appearance when a band led by Jogan lands on the shores of Bregan, immediately proceeding to make a surprise raid on the village, engaging in a brief skirmish with the warriors of Bregan who move to defend their settlement. Leading the attack, Jogan engages Bregan's Thane, Abrecan, in defense of his fellow Wulfing Arla, landing an ultimately non-fatal wound on the Thane before falling back to the boats as the tables are quickly turned. Though their attack caused substantial death and destruction to Bregan, their efforts prove an insufficient raid having lost warriors such as Rennick and Tove while gaining such little gold. Following this, Jogan decides that, taking advantage of Bregan not having lit its warning fires, they shall make a sneak attack on Herot where they can plunder much more gold and iron. Proceeding on his raiders' next endeavour, Jogan announces that they shall be bringing their Barghest guard dog with them this time. (Episode 6)


Trivia Edit

  • The wulfings are losely based on the legendary clan that supposedly ruled Götaland in Sweden.
  • Wulfing means "one related to the wolf".

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